When you talk about U.S. history, Charleston, SC plays a prominent role in most discussions. The Holy City’s role goes beyond what I could discuss here. I can say that based on my personal travels around Europe and the Caribbean, Charleston is deeply rooted in the history of these areas. I would also venture to say, that Charleston has more historic homes per capita than any place in the US. You can walk for blocks in all directions along roads that have been in place for hundreds of years. The history of the city is literally at your feet. It is tangibly preserved in Charleston’s historic homes — no matter where you are downtown, all you have to do is reach out an arm’s length and you can touch the history.

My partner Carey Nikonchuk Lucas holds a master’s degree in Historic Preservation and can answer any questions you have about the city’s rich history.

Below is a video covering some of the historical significance of Charleston, SC.